Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Can Always Call His Name™

So we ALL know my FAVORITE gospel group is Trin-i-tee 5:7!! I think that's a given... but one thing I love about them is their style and approach to gospel music. Even though this song is now considered "old school", I must say "Call His Name" still gives me goosebumps like it did 13 years ago (UH OH! Telling my age! LOL jk)
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One of the things alot of people (including me) fail to remember is the ability to call on the name of Jesus! (Yeah I said HIS name! I have no shame! LOL) There are so many situations that I have been through in my life where instead of calling on God I cussed (don't front saints!), or rolled my eyes, almost gave in, etc. I came to this understanding a long time ago that IT'S NOT THAT DEEP! Nothing in this world is unbearable! God won't put more on me than I can bear. Some friends tell me of how they toss and turn in the night and I'm like, okay but why? LOL A friend of mine said, "If God is up, then why are you?" We (you me and he) need to TRUST the process and simply "Call HIS name (You can always call his name)"

LIFE can NEVER suck! If you speak the word SUCK then your result will SUCK! Am I preaching? Someone hop on that organ! LOL Another friend of mine preached about destiny being in your mind, heart, and MOUTH! Alot of DREAMS that I had didn't start to come true until I SPOKE them up and made my petitions known unto God!

As easy as it is to give your neighbor the cussing out of life, it's just as easy to call on the one that gave you the authority and privilege to speak (Insert bump music right here) LOL. But seriously, that's something I have to work on. Yes me, I have a mouth problem at times... smh

I just wanted to leave you with that and let you know that I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold! (How random can you get LOL)

It's nothing deep nor is it profound but it's real and it's all in (from) the key of Jimmy.


P.S. Check out Trin-i-tee 5:7 on the Yolanda Adams morning show. This was done 1.12.2011-

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