Thursday, January 6, 2011

Changing Keys

When I initially began the "blog process" I wanted a title that will perfectly describe me in every aspect. Since the blog is about me I figured, hey, why not have my name it? Then deducing my love for music I came up with "All in the key of Jimmy". My life being looked at in a manner of key signatures... Hmmmmmmm... Well it's time for a key change. :)

I am consistently amazed at how time literally flies! In my astonishment, there's a strong attitude of gratitude! Not everyone was able to come into the new year with me. There are those that have passed away, some even voluntarily walked away. While these can be "sad" or "heart moving" moments, guess who's still here? ME! And it's all because of God's grace and mercy. I'm not anywhere near perfect, but yet and still I am still considered one of HIS own.

You may ask, what is this key change you speak of? My response, I have NO CLUE. :) For so long I have PLANNED alot of things in life and most of the time the plan is not executed simply because God has something else in mind. As I've shared in other blogs, I've been doing my very best in allowing God to point me where I need to be. There have been some serious transitions (key changes) in my life as of late. Some have been mind blowing (LOL to those that know ;) ). It's real talk when people say, "Be careful in what you pray for." Seriously, be careful ya'll :) I am in a place now where I NEVER thought I would be and I have NEVER been more happier!!! SN: Remember the movie, Why Did I Get Married, where Jill Scott's character was describing her happiness in the bathroom with her crew? She got to the point where all she could do is holler. Well, that's where I am now! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! LOL :) I'm so elated in regard to the key changes that are coming and that have come in my life. I'm grateful for every modulation, every inversion, every major and minor chord, every half note and half rest (not my favorite in sheet music mind you). Even those interludes (points in between a song or scene in a play. In my case the point between peace of mind and almost losing my mind!), that can sometimes seem like forever!

New year, new possibilities. Come what may! I'm ready.

You might even have some key changes coming your way. Embrace them. Talk it up a half step ;)

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